Yet Another ‘Pokémon GO’ Event Is Live, This Time For Lunar New Year

Pokémon GO has put its foot down on the gas and is just doing event after event this month. In the last week alone we had:

  • The arrival of Gen 3’s final wave
  • New Legendary Rayquaza
  • Gen 3 wild catch event
  • Valentine’s Luvdisc event
  • Team Rocket costumes introduced.

And now today comes a Lunar New Year event, aimed to celebrate Pokémon GO’s recently added playerbase in China. Like the Luvdisc event, it’s short, only two days spanning from right now until February 17th, and it has a similar bonus as well

The Lunar New Year event has players catching Poochyena, Growlithe, Snubbull, Eevee, or Electrike for bonus Stardust (300 each catch), which as you might note, are all “dog type” Pokémon, or something close to it, I guess (Eevee? Questionable). That would be because it’s the Year of the Dog, in case you’re not keeping up on your Chinese New Year’s.

This is just…a ton of stuff going on. I guess that Niantic had a lot of things they wanted to do all at once, and there’s really no reason to complain about non-stop activities..

These spawns should be starting up shortly, if they aren’t live alreaday, and if it’s anything like the Luvdisc event, these dogs should be everywhere. What everyone is really wanting to know about this event is whether or not there’s going to be a new shiny, as the Luvdisc event recently debuted a shiny version of that Pokémon. The crown jewel here would be Eevee, who has five different shiny forms he could evolve into, but I’m not holding my breath for that one.

I don’t know how long Niantic can keep up this pace, but they are really going all out this February for event after event, addition after addition. Given that we’ve reached the end of major Gen 3 releases, perhaps we’re going to slow down now. Or perhaps instead this is part of Niantic’s plan to reportedly “double down” on Pokémon GO, even as they take on new projects this year like Harry Potter.

So, get out there are start catching some dogs. Let me know if any of them are shiny.

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