Warner Bros Moving Forward With Another Little Shop Of Horrors Remake

I’m not sure who asked for this reboot, or who even wants it. But regardless if you want it or “it’s got you quite mad“, another Little Shop of Horrors remake is coming our way courtesy of Warner Bros, studios. The mean, green mother from outer space is getting a modern make-over and according to Deadline, will be a fresh perspective of the 1986 treasure from Frank Oz which was based on the Howard Ashman/ Alan Menken’s Off-Broadway musical adapted from the 1960 Roger Corman original cheese-fest. Which in my humble opinion, is the superior version anyway.

Greg Berlanti, who is known for various projects such as serving as writer for Green Lantern, and Clash of the Titans, is set to direct the upcoming killer plant from outer space flick. Currently penning the script is one Matthew Robinson of The Invention of Lying fame. No word on casting, or who they would even consider for the beautiful roles of Seymour- originally played by Rick Moranis brilliantly 30 years ago, and the perfect casting of Miss Ellen Greene. Who as a matter of fact last year, revamped her role during a short stint of the musical on Broadway. However, at this brief stage event, actor Jake Gyllenhaal took on the role of the shy, lonely plant enthusiast and did a damn fine job in doing so. So again, in my humble opinion, if we’re going to be getting a CGI Audrey 2 reboot (and you know that’s most likely going to happen) let’s give good ol’ Gyllenhaal a chance to portray Seymour on the big screen.

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