UFC Champion Conor McGregor Is Confirmed To Appear In Game Of Thrones Season 7

Last week, rumors began to surface that UFC champion Conor McGregor would appear in the next season of Game Of Thrones.

The actor has spoken about his love for the show in the past, but there had been no official word about his potential involvement.

Today, that all changed, as UFC president Dana White confirmed McGregor’s appearance on the show.

White was speaking with Fox Sports about the current events in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and one of the hosts brought up McGregor’s involvement with Game Of Thrones. They asked if White had heard the rumors, and what he thought of them.

At first, White gave a typical repsonse about how it’s a great show, and Conor would do a great job. His next words however, were much more telling.

“I’m glad he did it. It’ll be great,” White said. He continued later on with the words, “I’m excited for him.”

According to Dana White, McGregor has already filmed a piece for Game Of Thrones.

Who could McGregor be playing?

The UFC champ is known for wild antics, a loud attitude, and his ability to absolutely dominate a fight. This would make him a great fit for a Wildling warrior. Since the Wildlings are now a part of Jon Snow’s army, and the White Walkers are quickly approaching, this would be a fitting place to insert McGregor.

Whether he was a screaming wild-man with a painted face, or an undercover White Walker knight, McGregor could take the already stellar battle to a whole new level.

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