Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MutiNetwork?

MutiNetwork, Inc. is the parent company behind several niche websites. These websites are hosted, supported and/or owned by MutiNetwork, Inc.

To view all the websites currently in our network please visit our “About Us” section.

What perks do I get by joining the MutiNetwork?

  1. You get free hosting for your website. If you have a domain, we can host it for you or if you don’t have a domain we can host you under a sub-domain such as
  2. You get cross promotion along all the websites in our network. This can be in many forms such as promoted posts, sponsored ads or direct referrals.
  3. We can help with your website such as logo design/updates, software applications if you want to have a shop and technical advice.


So, how do I join?

It’s pretty simple, contact us with your website or store idea. Please include any details such as any planning you already have for features, or if you already have an online presence and are looking to transfer over. Basically, pitch us what you’d like to build and cover.

I’ve emailed you numerous times, why am I not getting a reply?

We are a small operation compared to huge network sites and we do not have 24/7 customer or production support. We usually are able to respond within 24-72 hours of your email (unless otherwise noted in an email auto-responder). Emailing multiple times within that period (or even more than once a day) will not speed up your email responses as we respond to them in the order they are received.

If these frequently asked questions do not answer your questions, please Contact Us for more direct information.

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