Batman Ninja 2018 Trailer Released!

Batman Ninja is an anime movie coming out in 2018 and it looks like it could easily be the best Batman film ever made.

Starring a Samurai-esque Batman and Joker and loaded with teases of fellow heroes and villains alike, the Batman Ninja trailer gives us a glimpse at a fresh take on Batman, a hero whose Gotham City story has been told and retold countless times.

Batman Ninja has quite the star-studded anime team behind it — Takashi Okazaki of Afro Samurai doing character design, and Kazuki Nakashima of Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill doing the screenplay — which only adds to the hype behind this movie.

Batman Ninja was first revealed at New York Comic Con earlier this year, and the trailer finally released to the public on Friday.


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